9X6 Pure Silicone Lubricant

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About Us

9X6 Pure Silicone Lubricant is STAIN FREE, allergy free, Residue free, odor free, safe for silicone

Personal need to identify a solution

Born in San Francisco, CA, Product54 started when its founders had a personal need to find a truly pure silicone lubricant that would not cause irritation or severe medical reaction like anaphylactic shock. With the personal experience, enthusiasm and knowledge of Chemistry, they set out to identify and team up with the best chemists and laboratories in order to develop the perfect blend of pure, premium silicone. That blend which was developed they called it 9X6 Pure Silicone Lubricant and it is still used today more than nine years later. 

Other brands within the Product54 Corporation include GetOn Pure Silicone Spray, Lustr Pure Silicone Shine, Deep Pure Silicone Serum, Str8, Strip, and Head First for Bovine, Canine, and Equine. We are also developing products for household and industrial use.


STAIN FREE and Hypo-Allergenic

The 9X6 experience begins when you feel how silky and pure 9X6 is. 9X6 is not like the other retail store lubricant brands because 9X6 Lube does not contain fillers like synthetic vitamin E and Aloe. 9X6 Pure Silicone Lubricant is a blend of pure, premium silicones. 9X6 is stain free and safe to use on silicone and latex materials or products, leather, sheets and other materials. 

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Giving back to our community

A partnership with Folsom Street Events began in 2012 when they named 9X6 Pure Silicone Lubricant their exclusive Lubricant. For the next five years, we met thousands of fans at street fairs and events who loved our 9X6 lube. If you do not see 9X6 at your local retail store, you might find us sponsoring a local fundraising event at your local pub or theater. Product54 Corporation is gay owned and operated. We support organizations within the LGBTQ+ and other adult and kink communities. Contact us for more information.

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One day we received a coin thanking us for our order. We had never received an additional gift for buying something. Our wheels started to turn. We were founded in San Francisco. Our silicone we called 9X6 because it stood for purity (99.9999% pure silicone lubricant). 9x6=54 Product54 was formed on a math equation which was also the main brand and product we would sell. 

We bought a roll of pennies from 1954 which were minted in San Francisco...